Hi, my name is

Abdoul Kader NGOM

I enjoy learning microservices architecture and hope working on it soon.

The wave


I am



Professionnal website built with laravel


My first website project built with php and html css it was not easy but the joy when i put it online worthed it.


Freelancing contract for hosting the website.


Decrypt Gozem user interfaces

Few days ago i downloaded an app named Gozem .It is an uber like app with delivery features that has +1 Millions download in google play store.I would love so much to use the app but the design makes me itchy proof is that i downloaded the app but couldnt go further because of this interface.

AApanel password protect website

When you're building a website and need to hide it from the public except the client

Connect or Reconnect to an Ec2 instance by Ssh

Aws is a cloud entreprise that provides many great services among them i love and use ec2 to various task jumping from generating ssl to bot hosting.

Mistakes with Laravel backup by Spatie

I used in one of my project a package to backup database and project and in using that one i got some errors.

Docker an awesome tool

Last year I started to look for a way to explore multiple stacks without installing them in my computer. This is where Docker caught my attention. It is a great tool for installing a software in minimum time or deploy web apps quickly and securely.

My transition from Wamp to Laragon

At university I was introduced to wamp which was slow without any flavor and less cool than Laragon which has a ton of features that learned.Laragon that I first knew through a friend whose saying good things about it didn't convince me.I was skeptical and tired of using wamp which was getting slower despite that i had 8gb of ram. I was doing my research and stumbled upon this awesome tool.

How did I proceed to learn flutter?

Flutter is a framework built in dart for building mobile and web apps. I discovered it when i was doing mobile development and i loved it ! It is faster than react native or nativescript and has a great community around it.