Decrypt Gozem user interfaces

Few days ago i downloaded an app named Gozem .It is an uber like app with delivery features that has +1 Millions download in google play store.I would love so much to use the app but the design makes me itchy proof is that i downloaded the app but couldnt go further because of this interface.

Gozem is an entreprise which deliver great value to multiple lives in west africa.They operate in 8 country but their user interfaces still lack simplicity and attractivenes for trhe customer.Let me analyse that screen below to describe what could be improve.The big no that i see in that picture is two screens was combined to be one.I looked for a reason to legitimate that kind of process but i didnt found one.

The first screen that i saw is the walkthrought  (in black rectangle) which is usually multiple widgets  that explain the main features of the app is in fact little and surrounded by a lot of information.The second screen (in yellow rectangle) is the widget in the bottom with the dropdown for the country and the field number next to it again this should be in the second screen to let user focus on entering the correct infos and to not distract him with the walkthrought widgets this will improve user experience and avoid sending sms twice because a user entered a wrong number.

I also found out that the app is asking me for my location even if i didnt saw the homescreen.Thats also a red flag because someone like me might think why are they asking me for my location isnt it earlier to give them this kind of  authorization ugggh ! let me switch to another apps that thing is too weird and boum bye to that customer.So that kind of information should be also in a different screen to explain clearly why the user should give access to his location or let him first see the homescreen and ask for it to make his experience with the app better.


Gozem is an leader in Togo and i still use their riders of because of their profesionnal behavior and their commitment to give the safest trip to the customer but they should improve their apps with a great ui design and ux to make it better and easier for the customer.