Docker an awesome tool

Last year I started to look for a way to explore multiple stacks without installing them in my computer. This is where Docker caught my attention. It is a great tool for installing a software in minimum time or deploy web apps quickly and securely.

Docker is a tool to containerise web apps for development or production purpose.I watched some tutorials about it and started dive in it.It was something mervellous that i wished to know when i was in college.No need to to install anything except Docker itself and you're ready to go.First a downloaded an image and next turn it into a container.

At some point a got an issue to start docker in windows but it helped me to learn that in fact there is two docker section one for each operating system apps.I was in windows but i was compiling apps from linux operating system and at some point the issue was the docker  daemon service wouldnt start and i have to switch from linux to windows docker.