Mistakes with Laravel backup by Spatie

I used in one of my project a package to backup database and project and in using that one i got some errors.

I tried to install Spatie Backup which is a package to backup database and folder in Laravel.After i downloaded and configured it  i had run php artisan backup:run and this  this error above showed up.

Errors was that it didnt found mysqldump so i resolve it by typing which mysqldump

After i added in .env 


Run again the commabds php artisan backup:run and voilà !

Explore more 

Before comming with this solution i found that when you execute

php artisan backup:run --db-name=agecetweb

without adding the path to the mysqldump the project is backed up but without the database aka the same as php artisan backup:run --only-files.

This commands php artisan backup:run --help display options to add and is very useful too.