My transition from Wamp to Laragon

At university I was introduced to wamp which was slow without any flavor and less cool than Laragon which has a ton of features that learned.Laragon that I first knew through a friend whose saying good things about it didn't convince me.I was skeptical and tired of using wamp which was getting slower despite that i had 8gb of ram. I was doing my research and stumbled upon this awesome tool.

WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP it basically allows us to display pages written in php including to develop wordpress websites locally. Very slow it can start in over 2 min and its troubleshooting is most complicated.

Laragon is  a web development environment for php and java based app. It Does everything Wamp does but better

The features I like the most about Laragon.
Startup speed of less than 30s.Possibility of sharing a website that I develop in localhost to anyone in the world throught internet thanks to ngrok which is included.The development with eclipse a java based Ide also custom domain name in eg mysite.test instead of typing http://localhost:8000